The Making Of Polymer Clay Art

Finding other types of materials that an artist can transform into some admired jewelry pieces is one of the major challenges to the creativity of many artists. Among many available, polymer clay stands out in recent liked trends in the jewelry making business.

Polymer clay is mixed with PVC plastic and some type of plasticizer chemical whose function is to keep the clay moldable and softer till baking its desired final shape is reached and in most cases, polymer clay is used together with the metal to create jewelry and because of this there are a lot of systems that are used to add more colors to metal to produce some fine pieces of jewelry.

The characteristic color and that flicker accent possessed by the polymer beads actually comes from Micas which are colored and examples such as Kaolin clay makes the polymer to be opaque, a property that makes clay from polymers to be a very diverse and easy to work within the making of jewelry. The one property of polymer that makes it exceptional is that it doesn’t require high temperatures during baking since an artist can use even their own stoves to perform the whole baking process.

Also, polymer clay is convenient since it doesn’t require a lot of tools in the improvement and creativity of jewelry because all artists need is the pasta roller machine that is used to flatten clay and make it adjust to the new environment of its use. Check out also this article about Sierra Resins Bioplastics, a company that has been groundbreaking in developing degradable polymer materials.

FIMO and Sculpy are the main types of polymer clay that artists do prefer because they are readily available in major craft stores countrywide and they do come in many different colors ranging from fluorescent and the day glow hues to the shades of metallic silver and gold. Forming the metallic colors of polymer clay can be easily formed and actually used as the replacement for the metal itself as a matter of fact.

Other polymer clay buying places can be on online platforms which need a lot of caution when you are trying to find some known dealers of the product. Another hint on how to source some of the best wholesale jewelry supplies is by using eBay where all the major providers do have a feedback rating making it easier to find the one who has a great background and history just by reading from other customer’s reviews.

And at all if an upcoming artist who wants to create some of the most attractive jewelry pieces with reduced costs, you can use the polymer clay for it is ideal mostly for the upcoming artists whether they want to create one themselves or even purchase the readymade, and trust me when I say this clay will contribute to a positive effect on your jewelry. A good development of recent years is the availability of degradable polymers or bioplastics.

For what’s worth, a lot of practice is key to a better understanding of this type of clay by doing a lot exploring the available varieties and brands. Also, do a lot of experiments for practice makes perfect and your talent and passion in being a jewelry artist with polymer clay will for sure sore to greater heights since the limits of what range of jewelry you can make is just beyond your imagination. See also this post about Aardvark Polymers and FR Nylons.